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National Averages vs Vermont Averages?

No matter where you are in the country, each place has its own market that has its own average a good example is that there is also a national average in Burlington, Vermont.

So once you have chosen where you are looking to buy the national average hold little weight compared to the averages in your local market.

People always ask about the pricing in Vermont and the national averages, and I always say national, because it’s national.

Vermont has its own average pricing point, and for some reason Vermont doesn’t always hit the national numbers that you might see in a lot of news reports.

Vermont and the greater Burlington are going to be different from places in California, which will be different from places in Texas🏡

So if you want to know what real numbers are looking like in Vermont, call your local agent.

Make sure that they’re giving you the correct information about the national average in Burlington, Vermont so you’re not confused with what the national market is telling you in regards to your local real estate market.

Don’t worry about what’s happening nationally when all you need to know is the numbers near you!