Ready Set SellTip Tuesday April 18, 2023

Why is Your Home Equity Important?

Why is your home equity important? If you have always been thinking about selling your home, there might be chances that its value may have gone up these recent years. This can be a game changer when you finally decide to move in to a different property.

How does home equity works?

why is home equity important

As you pay down your loan and the prices rise, your equity does too. The best part is as home prices have been climbing so much, your equity has likely grown quite a bit. According to experts from the past years, homeowners have gain amounts of equity.


Bottom Line

So when you finally decide to sell your house, you can use that to help build your next move. It may be enough to cover some of the down payment on your next home. The average equity in this country has appreciated by $64,000 over the past twelve months alone. This is what home equity can do for you.

If you are curious on what your equity looks like in today’s market, let’s see how much you have and how you could use it for your next move.

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