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There’s Something You Should Know About Property Taxes


Let’s talk about Property Taxes!


Are you filling for Homestead or Non-Homestead tax rates? 🏠


If you are a primary resident in the state of Vermont you want to make sure you are paying the Homestead Tax rates, you are actually paying more if you are filing for Non-Homestead Tax rates. It is very often that I see homeowners mix these two up.

The good news is, it’s a straightforward fix. Simply take a look at your tax bill and verify which box you’ve checked. If you find that you’ve selected the Non-Homestead Tax rate, don’t worry; I’m here to assist. Contact your accountant, and together, we can initiate the necessary paperwork to switch to the more favorable Homestead Tax rates!


If you have any questions about Property Taxes, I am happy to chat!