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nancy cleaning

Your Selling Checklist

By Nancy Warren | Mar 26, 2024

Maximize Your Home’s Sale: Essential Tips for Sellers in Today’s Market Maximizing Home Sale Impact- Selling your home in the current market demands more than just listing it for sale; it requires a strategic approach to ensure your property stands out from the rest. Here are crucial tips for sellers aiming to maximize their home’s […]

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Want to Sell Your Home for 20% More?

By Nancy Warren | Mar 20, 2024

Maximize Your Sale: The Proven Benefits of Home Staging Benefits of Home Staging… One of the burning questions I frequently hear from sellers is, “How can I get more money when my house hits the market?” The answer might seem simple, but its impact is profound: Staging. Let’s dive into why staging isn’t just about […]

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nancy preparing for listing

Pre Listing Preparation

By Nancy Warren | Mar 5, 2024

Pre-Listing Home Preparation: Essential Tips Beyond Cleaning When it comes to pre-listing home preparation tips, we all know the basics: clean the toilets, freshen up the pantry, and make sure no stinky socks are hiding in the laundry. These steps are crucial for making a great first impression. However, there are a few less obvious, […]

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Home Seller Reality Check

By Nancy Warren | Feb 29, 2024

Home Selling Myths and Realities: Price Right for Offers Home Selling Myths and Realities often clash. A popular myth suggests you can price your home any way and expect it to sell “overnight” with multiple bids. Yet, reality demands a more strategic approach for a successful sale. Busting the Myth This myth assumes the market […]

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Crystal Clear Windows Nancy Warren Vermont Realtor

Ready Set Sell – Crystal Clear Windows

By Nancy Warren | Dec 12, 2023

Let Your Windows Shine: A Simple Trick to Enhance Your Home’s Appeal When you’re ready to put your Vermont home on the market, remember: every detail counts, especially crystal clear windows! Think of them as the eyes of your home, offering a glimpse into the soul of your space. Ensuring your windows are crystal-clear can […]

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Hardwood Floors Deserve Extra Attention

By Nancy Warren | Oct 31, 2023

Ready Set Sell: Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors can take a beating between kids, animals and moving furniture now is the time to show them some love! Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop, if needed refinish.  

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Basements… out of sight but not out of mind

By Nancy Warren | Oct 24, 2023

Don’t forget the basement! When you are getting ready to sell, remember the potential buyers will be looking at the basement as well. There are a few things you can do get your basement sell ready!

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Clean those Carpets

By Nancy Warren | Oct 5, 2023

  Ready Set Sell! Clean those Carpets.   Thinking of selling your home? Follow along as I go over my 30-day Guide to Preparing your House for Sale. Step 10 is to clean your carpets! Cleaning your carpets is an absolute must, and it will go a long way. Throw out the old bath mats […]

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Beautify Your Bathroom

By Nancy Warren | Oct 3, 2023

  Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean should be going through your head while tackling the bathroom. Remove all toiletries you have on display and put them away. Invest in some new hand towels and soap dish. If your shower curtain, toilet seat and bathmat are gross (be honest on this one), replace them. The mirror should […]

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