Ready Set SellTip Tuesday March 17, 2023

Always Check Your Well and Septic Systems

Why is it important to always check your well and septic systems?

There was a time when our pump for our well stopped working, and we were out of water for a day.

Luckily, Chevalier came out and helped us get it fixed but it brought up a really good point!

Our well that we share with some of our neighbors is 6 feet outside of the wall of one of their houses.

It is important to always check your well and septic systems and have a record of it as it will help workers diagnose the problem easily.

It’s really important that we have a diagram of exactly where everything is so that when things like this happen, not only do we know where it is but the people who are coming out to work on it do to.

It makes the whole process go much smoother.

if you are having any services done on your house, it might be good to make some diagrams so that you the service workers in any future owners know everything there is to know about your house and property.

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