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The Best Skincare and Makeup Spa in Burlington

I’m not kidding when I say that this is one of the best skincare and makeup spa in Burlington, Vermont

When you enter Mirror Mirror, smiles, light and beauty welcome you from every angle.

Will, the manager, is amazing and extremely knowledgeable about the goods and services that Mirror Mirror provides.

When people move to Vermont, they frequently worry that their favorite brands won’t be available to them. However, in Burlington, it just isn’t the case. All of these amazing small boutiques, like Mirror Mirror, have everything you could possibly need!

 In Mirror Mirror, they understand that feeling beautiful means being comfortable in your own skin. Mirror Mirror unites the best of nature and science to provide effective and quality products and services for their community. 


About Mirror Mirror

 Founded in 2005 by fashion guru and long-time lover of beauty, Lindsay Chisholm and Joanne Aja. Mirror Mirror is a one-stop-shop for everything that makes you feel like your best self. Situated in the heart of downtown Burlington, adjacent to the picturesque Lake Champlain, their boutique provides a calm and welcoming environment for you to enjoy all things beauty.


Their thoughtfully curated collection of skincare, beauty, and wellness contains the leading brands of high-performance, result-driven products and formulations.  Their team of committed product specialists and aestheticians are always there to assist you with anything from the venerable brands!

(In courtesy if Mirror Mirror)

This is the ideal location to go if you’re searching for a spa, salon or facility to meet all of your needs for skincare, makeup, and more!


To learn more about them, you can visit this link.

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