Guiding you HomeTip Tuesday March 14, 2023

What is an SPIR – Seller’s Property Information Report?

Seller’s Property Information Report (SPIR) is a report that a seller fills out in Burlington, Vermont. It is usually six pages long and it goes everything from the beginning of when that property was built to the time that they’ve owned it. It is going to give you the history of when the roof was replaced, also if they’ve had any inspections done previously.

It also includes an estimated valuation, neighborhood market data, a suggested price approach, a seller’s proceeds spreadsheet, and most recent market activity in the zip code where the subject property is located, among other specific property information.

The seller’s property information (SPIR) report provides all the information you require regarding the property. A single survey and value, a property questionnaire, and an energy report make up its three sections. Within nine days of your request, a seller or selling representative must provide you with a home report.